Debut Album

Until I See You Smile  

Released June 2018

Lee spent just over a year writing his debut album "Until I See You Smile". "I'm so incredibly proud of this album. I have learnt so much about writing, about production and about myself. I created everything you hear and see. I wrote, recorded, produced and edited every track myself. I animated the cover art. I taught myself everything. I don't mean to sound arrogant, I'm just so damn proud of it and I hope everyone can see that."

Lee wrote each song finding inspiration from either experiences and feelings he had gone through, was currently going through or had witnessed someone else go through. 

"I love the fact that if you don't know what the lyrics mean, there is no possible way you could know what the track is about, even if you think you do, you don't. They may sound simple and straight forward, however there is a lot of depth and meaning behind each lyric"

Cover Tracks

"When a track influences me or my music, I enjoy recreating and reproducing it in my own style."